Recovery Pumps

If you’re in the cannabis extraction business, your everyday operations depend on superior extraction equipment that can handle your oil extraction and solvent recovery needs with ease. At EcoGreen Industries, we bring you high-quality extraction recovery pumps specifically designed with the large-scale extraction industry in mind. Our CMEP-OL extraction pumps feature an all-new design with high performance and lower energy consumption, reducing operating expenses while simultaneously increasing output efficiency for enhanced productivity.

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Engineered to Exceed Your Expectations

Whether you want a solvent extraction pump to recover the valuable liquid solvents from your extraction process, or a recovery pump for your solvents, EcoGreen Industries has every option available. Our heavy-duty solvent extraction pumps are engineered to exceed our customers’ expectations and can easily handle the toughest tasks. Our extraction pumps are UL/CSA approved and feature food-safe internal components, ensuring product safety from start to finish and efficient workflow with reduced downtime.

We have the cannabis extraction recovery pumps you’re looking for, from the CMEP-OL recovery pump that features new advanced technology that allows for better extraction results to the CMEP-710 recovery pump that can extract up to 15 gallons per minute for efficient and expedient results. No matter your application needs, our recovery pumps are engineered for continuous duty working conditions.

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When working with hydrocarbon-based solvents such as butane and propane, you need a solvent recovery pump to get every last drop of liquid. EcoGreen Industries carries a variety of extraction pumps that can handle a range of solvents and refrigerants, from R600a to HCFCs. All our extraction pumps have been designed with safety in mind.

Order your premium-grade recovery pump today. Have any inquiries? We are happy to answer any questions you may have regarding extraction recovery pumps or our other extraction equipment, so please reach out today.