CMEP Parts

EcoGreen Industries is an industry-leading supplier of replacement parts for CMEP-OL recovery pumps. These pumps are used in the large-scale cannabis extraction process and can be found at many licensed extraction facilities around the country. We offer a huge inventory of CMEP pump parts, ensuring that you will always have access to replacement parts when necessary. We carry all major components, including valves, pistons, impellers, bearings, and other hardware required to keep your pump running smoothly.

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Superior Repair Parts and Kits

We know that you rely on your extraction equipment to produce the best product possible, and when it breaks down, you need quick repairs or replacements. That’s where our CMEP-OL parts come in. Our inventory is stocked with replacement parts for all of your closed-loop extractors, including hardware, complete repair, and rebuild kits. Our selection includes original factory replacement parts for all your extraction pump assemblies.

While the CMEP-OL pump is engineered for 24-hour continuous duty working conditions, these pumps are not indestructible. To get the most out of your CMEP-OL, make sure to use only genuine replacement parts from EcoGreen Industries. Whatever you need, you can be sure that we have superior CMEP pump parts to keep your oil-less, explosion-proof recovery pump operational and working to its fullest potential.

Buy Replacement Parts Now

EcoGreen Industries is your dependable supplier for replacement CMEP parts and other cannabis extraction equipment and fittings. We’re extraction and industry experts and have grown our reputation substantially as one of the most trusted suppliers of high-quality extraction products. We take pride in our competitive pricing, product availability, and swift shipping time.

Order your CMEP pump parts today and enjoy the benefits of our extensive industry experience.