Stainless Parts

Cannabis extraction requires the use of high-quality equipment that meets the latest Extraction-Grade standards to ensure safety, functionality, and efficiency. At EcoGreen Industries, we bring you a large selection of stainless steel cannabis extraction equipment designed to withstand the heat and chemicals involved in the cannabis extraction process. Our extraction supplies are designed for durability and easy cleaning, making them perfect for use in any extraction operation.

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Quality Equipment for Every Step of the Process

Our stainless steel extraction equipment is essential for ensuring the quality and safety of your cannabis extractions. From the initial extraction process to the final product, our equipment can handle every step of the process. To meet your needs, we have stainless steel extractor tanks, processors, columns, and more equipment made with high-quality stainless steel materials built to last and ensure easy equipment cleaning and maintenance.

No matter your extraction needs, we have the perfect stainless cannabis extraction supplies for you. High-quality 304 and 316 stainless steel ensures your extraction process is sanitary and safe. Whether you need extraction equipment for ethanol or hydrocarbon, you can be sure that we have the highest-grade steel equipment to meet your needs. Our stainless steel equipment is perfect for any size operation, from small-scale extractions to large-scale commercial operations.

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