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Recovery and Vacuum Pump Repair

Full Service and Rebuild

  • Ship it in or drop it off
  • We fix it and test it
  • We ship it back to you OR you pick it up

Our recovery and vacuum pump services offer repairs, rebuilds, and pump sales for a variety of pump brands and types. Our experienced technicians perform in-house repair services and test each pump after repair to ensure that they meet our high-quality standards and satisfy our customer’s needs. If you’re looking for a reliable pump service in California, we are here for you!

In the past, our business has thrived off word-of-mouth reviews, testifying for the superior services we offer. Our customers know that when it comes to rebuilding or repairs for your equipment, top-tier pump service is a must. Our team is well organized and experienced to handle all service demands. Contact us via phone call or email, and we guarantee a quick response.

The BEST Techs in the Business…period!

EcoGreen Industries started in the extraction industry in 2013. When EGI was founded, it was one of the first companies to provide direct supply gas for the extraction industry, primarily for large-scale cannabis and hemp extractors. Since then, EGI has learned a thing or two about the business and continues to ensure the highest quality customer service.

To make certain you are receiving the best quality repairs, we train our technicians to understand the ins and outs of our extraction equipment. EGI has performed thousands of repairs, so you can be confident in our ability to service your pump-related problems. Have a quick question about our vacuum pump repairs or otherwise? Contact us today and speak with an expert that can assist you with what you need.

Proprietary Pump Upgrades

We offer proprietary designed recovery pump and vacuum pump upgrade services for our customers. These upgrades are designed and developed in-house by our extraction industry experts. Pump upgrades are available for select pumps only. For more details or to see if you qualify for a proprietary pump upgrade, contact us today!

Pump Manufacturers That We Work With


We are proud to be associated with each manufacturer listed above. Each company has ensured high-quality products delivered in a timely manner ready to be prepared and distributed to our loyal customers. We expect the highest standard from our manufacturers, just as you expect nothing short of the best quality from us. Trust in the industry pros, helping pros.

Below is our address for both shipping and in-person visits:

5208 Industrial Way, Suite A

Anderson, CA 96007

For more information about EcoGreen Industries Recovery & Vacuum Pump Services, contact us at info@ecogreenindustries.com or (530) 296-8201.

Same Day Repair Available

Yes, the same day!