Ethanol Extraction Blend Denatured CDA 12A


Denatured ethanol is a liquid solvent that includes N-Heptane and pure ethanol for cannabis extraction. This is not your everyday denatured ethanol solvent — this is a high-end extraction blend. Get high-quality Ethanol Extraction Blend Denatured CDA 12A, our top-selling replacement for pure ethanol, at EcoGreen Industries. This ethanol blend is available in 5 gallons, 55 gallons, and 270- or 275-gallon totes.


Great for Botanical Extraction

If you’re looking for a proven, cost-efficient liquid solvent that can be used for botanical extraction of cannabis and hemp with no Federal Excise Tax and no need to obtain a permit or meet additional record-keeping requirements, get our denatured ethanol solvent extraction blend. Our CDA 12A is a blended product that’s made with 200 Proof food-grade ethanol denatured with 5% Heptane — a high-purity, industry-standard solvent.

Our denatured ethanol for extraction is safely packaged for transportation. EcoGreen Industries operates from a one-of-a-kind facility where all products are stored in vaults for added safety. We provide the most competitive pricing of solvents and a red-carpet customer service experience so that you can shop with confidence.

Get a Freight Quote

EcoGreen Industries is committed to helping your business grow. We’re manufacturer-direct and specialize in supplying top-grade cannabis extraction liquid solvents, filtration media, and equipment intended for higher-end cannabis and ethanol extractions at small- to large-scale facilities. Order your denatured ethanol for extraction online now, or get a freight quote today.

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