Solvent Products

EcoGreen Industries is your leading supplier of high-quality solvent products for large-scale cannabis and hemp extraction. As one of the first companies in the extraction industry to invent solvent blends that are used today — a blend of butane and propane — you can count on us for all your cannabis extraction needs. We have a wide range of high purity solvents at a guaranteed 99.5% purity available at the most competitive pricing.

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High Purity Solvent Products

The most reliable solvents used for cannabis extraction are preferred due to their efficacy, efficiency, and FDA approval. At EcoGreen Industries, we bring you highly refined hemp and cannabis solvents for supercritical extraction needs paired with strict standards to ensure you only get the highest quality solvent products. Our goal is to help you maximize extraction results and yield with minimal time while remaining compliant with safety guidelines and regulations.

To ensure safety, we operate from a one-of-a-kind facility where we store all our products in vaults. We’re proud to have the only indoor hazmat with a full-range storage unit permitted west of Mississippi. Whether you need liquid solventshydrocarbon gases, butane, ethanol, hexane, methanol, isobutane, propane, N-pentane, or other solvent blends, we’re the first to offer our specific grade of solvents so that you can shop with confidence.

Reliable Customer Service

EcoGreen Industries has been around since 2013 and strives to continue providing the best solvent products for your large-scale extraction needs. We offer end-to-end cannabis and hemp extraction solutions, including filtration media and extraction supplies and equipment. Ready to get your cannabis extraction solvents? Call to speak with an expert at (530) 378-4443.