Superior Quality BHO Extraction Equipment & Systems

EcoGreen Industries sells environmentally-friendly refrigerants and butane honey oil (BHO) extraction equipment, ethanol extraction systems, high-quality solventsfilter mediarecovery pumps, and CMEP parts at competitive prices. We have been the reliable extraction supplies experts of the industry since 2013, so you can have confidence knowing that our products are being distributed with top-end service in mind.

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High-Quality Solvents

EcoGreen Industries carries Extraction Grade gas and ethanol. Our beginnings stemmed from the cannabis extraction industry’s demand for quality solvents, so we understand you need quality products offered at competitive prices from a provider that you can trust. Liquid solvents and environmentally-friendly refrigerants are our highest-selling products hands down and for good reason. Some periodic testing of our solvents has revealed 99.7% purity, but all solvents are guaranteed to have 99.5% purity. Check out our butane-propane blend, first supplied at EGI.

Premium BHO Extraction Equipment

EcoGreen Industries offers industry-leading equipment at a competitive price, including but not limited to BHO extraction equipment and ethanol extraction systems. In our shop, you can find the right fittings, sieves, recovery pumps, hundreds of extraction equipment products, filters, clamps, hardware, and CMEP parts to suit your needs. We also offer recovery and vacuum pump services to repair and to rebuild a variety of pump brands and types. Experienced technicians test each pump in-house after repair to meet assured high-quality standards for our customers.

Excellent Customer Service Guaranteed

We aim to sell our ethanol extraction systems and products to higher-end, licensed, large-scale facilities, but any customer is welcome to shop with us! Here at EGI, we value building long-term relationships with our customers, and we greatly appreciate their loyalty for our brand.

All hydrocarbon gases and ethanol are domestic products, higher quality Extraction Grade products, sourced stateside. If you are on the West Coast, products can be delivered within 3 days. If you are within 8 hours of our physical store in Anderson, CA, products can be picked up within a day. At EGI, we offer savings you won’t be able to get anywhere else and services that are eco-friendly alternatives to tossing cylinders, large and small, in the dump. With the lowest shipping rates, free shipping for return or refill of small cylinders, and free return shipping on full pallets of large cylinders (LP-100s), you are assured to get a great deal!

Customers can have confidence in our process and our range of products. There is no middle man between EGI and our customers since we are a plant-direct distributor with no involvement of a broker or middle-man. In fact, we have the only full indoor hazmat storage permitted west of the Mississippi. For our customers, we offer optimal cleanliness and safety with a 4-phase decontamination/cylinder cleaning, full pump service, and an instructional video for CMEP-OL Rebuild Kits.

Return Policy

If you are not satisfied with your purchase, and you are interested in filing for a return on any products, you can reach out to EGI and we will try our best to accommodate your situation. Claims for missing items or items damaged in transit must be received within two business days of receipt of merchandise. There will be no cash refunds.

The EcoGreen Industries Guarantee

EcoGreen Industries offers the highest quality solvents and BHO extraction equipment and a red carpet customer service, whether you’re spending $100 or $100k. Call us today to speak with an expert or contact us directly. Remember, we are industry pros, helping pros. Buy from an industry-leading company you can trust!