Utilizing a blend of butane and propane in your cannabis extraction process provides you with the capability to skillfully manipulate the consistency and quality of your output product. With our ultra-high purity, Extraction Grade 70/30N butane-propane blend, you can easily create a high cannabinoid, high terpene product that meets quality standards.

70/30N Custom Blend


EcoGreen Industries brings you a high-purity, Extraction Grade butane propane mix that is perfect for the most demanding extraction facilities Our blend is an environmentally friendly option with a high safety rating that will save you money.

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Committed to Providing Clean and Pure Products

If you’re looking for Extraction Grade hydrocarbon gases, our lab-tested products are an ideal choice. EcoGreen Industries is committed to providing clean and pure products to ensure you get the best results for your extraction process. Our butane and propane products are formulated with rigorous standards to ensure purity but also come in a range of formulations depending on your specific needs. Our 70/30N butane propane mix is designed for cannabis oil or hemp oil extraction processes and is available in LP-100 or LP-20 tank sizes to suit your extraction needs.


  • 70% Butane 30% Propane Blend
  • Up to 99.95% Ultra High Purity
  • Liquid solvent net weight is 110lbs/50kg for LP-100 and 22lbs/10kg for LP-20
  • Our product is clean, colorless, non-odorized, and free of any hydrogen sulfide-based ethyl mercaptan odorants

We’re Plant and Fill Direct Experts

EcoGreen Industries is your reliable plant and fill direct supplier for all your hydrocarbon gases and liquid solvents. We’re not just committed to providing pure butane, propane, and blends, though. We also provide a number of other premium products, cannabis extraction equipment, extraction supplies, and professional pump repair services designed to accommodate your unique needs in the industry. Enjoy red-carpet customer service, competitive prices, and fast shipping on orders.

Get your new butane propane mix or exchange/fill at EcoGreen Industries today. Need any help or have any questions? Call us at (530) 378-4443 with your inquiries.


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