Filtration Media

Using the right filtration media is critical when it comes to proper liquid filtrations for professional quality cannabis and ethanol extractions using large-scale equipment from trusted brands like Carbon ChemistryMedia Bros, and BVV. At EcoGreen Industries, we bring a wide range of top-grade filter media for different types of filtration made from activated charcoal, alumina, bentonite, and more.

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Premium-Grade Filter Media

Whether you need a BHO filter to improve the purity and clarity of the end product or color remediation filter media to improve color and clarity, we’re committed to providing you with premium products that meet all of your expectations. EcoGreen Industries is a leading supplier of materials used in cannabinoid production, purification, and distillation. After years of experience sourcing the best providers of filtration media, we have become a reliable source for providing chemicals used to make cannabis oil. Our filter media choices enhance the purity and clarity of the end product. We solve your remediation concerns by partnering with the best and the most trusted suppliers for production, purification, and distillation.

Wondering where to buy filtration media? We have everything from activated alumina, bleaching clay (such as T-5 and T-41), activated bentonite clay (B-80 and B-81), silica gel, and CRX/CRY all in one filtration powder bundle packs, made from filtration media components. We also offer a variety of filtration equipment, including CRC columns in different sizes and styles.

Enjoy Superior Service

EcoGreen Industries is a plant direct on every product so that customers have confidence in our products and the process without the need for a middle man. We offer the most competitive prices on our wide range of filtration products, solvents, and equipment. We have been in business since 2013, giving us the experience necessary to provide you with excellent customer service and top-quality filtration products for your large-scale cannabis and hemp extraction needs.

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