Carbon Chemistry

Carbon Chemistry is a trusted brand that provides premium filtration media for small- and large-scale cannabis and ethanol extraction. As industry experts in cannabis extraction supplies, EcoGreen Industries brings you a wide variety of effective filtration powders used for different types of liquid filtrations to improve the purity and clarity of your end product. This top-grade filter media is made from activated charcoal, bentonite, alumina, and more, and are perfect for cannabis extraction due to their high absorption rate and regeneration. Explore our selection to find the right filter media for your extraction needs.

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Superior Powders for Your Filtration Process

When it comes to ensuring proper color remediation of cannabis extracts, isolation of terpenes, or filtering of solvents from your extraction process, you need to rely on filtration powders that provide superior results. That’s why we bring you superior powders from Carbon Chemistry to fine-tune your cannabis oil production process and ensure your ethanol is filtered correctly. Our carbon filter media significantly improves the color and clarity of extracts by removing chlorophyll, lipids, and other impurities.

Our powders include:

  • Activated Alumina
  • Activated Hardwood Carbon
  • MagSil-PR
  • Silica Gel (60A)
  • T-41
  • T-5
  • B-80

Our filtration media products are a popular choice for producing edible cannabis oils that have superior potency and taste We offer a wide range of powders that can be added to your existing filtration process or used as standalone filtration options in any liquid extraction-based process, including alcohol distillation, solvent-free extraction of essential oils, and more.

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Carbon Chemistry’s filtration powders work to transform the outcome of your final product. These powders ensure that the liquid being filtered is properly purified and ready for use. Want to place filtration media or equipment orders for your cannabis extraction needs? Shop online or contact us to get a freight quote.