About EGI - EcoGreen Industries

EGI EcoGreen Industries LogoEcoGreen or EGI as it’s known, was founded and first to market in 2013 with direct supply gas for the extraction industry.  The pursuit of quality solvents equating to better end quality product continues today.

EcoGreen Industries was one of the inventors of the industry blends that are used today. We were the first to blend butane with propane and offer this combination for sale to resellers and customers. The founders of EGI are extraction and industry experts.  We guarantee 99.5% purity, but periodic testing has it as high as 99.97% on some tests.  We are very particular.  We are into long term relationships, so whatever it takes, within reason, we will handle it. In addition, all gas and ethanol is sourced stateside.

This is an ALL indoor storage facility, with temperature control, storing the gas at room temperature. This is also the ONLY indoor cylinder, full storage, permitted west of the Mississippi. We also have an offsite filling station that is NOT a subcontractor…we can fill ourselves.

For quite some time, EcoGreen Industries was one of only two sellers of gas, nationally. Obviously there are several choices now, but as an exclusive, manufacturer-direct supplier, we are proud to be the first extraction experts to start distributing, filling and checking gas and cylinders for quality and cleanliness. Industry pros helping pros is our tagline and we live by that every day.

  • 5208 Industrial Way | Anderson, CA | 96007

  • (530) 378-4443

  • info@ecogreenindustries.com

  • Monday - Friday | 9 A.M. to 5 P.M.