1L GL80 Media Bottle


GLS 80 Thread, Wide Mouth, Graduated, 1000mL  by the case of 20. Includes 20 Bottles.


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Looking for a durable and reliable glass bottle for your cannabis extraction needs? The GL80 Borosilicate media bottle is perfect for the job. It’s made of thermal shock-resistant borosilicate glass, making it ideal for use in the lab. Plus, graduations and marking spots make mixing and measuring your ingredients a breeze. Make sure you’re always stocked up on lab glassware and our wide selection of fittings and equipment on sale at EcoGreen Industries.

Designed for Storage and Transfers of Extracted Substances

The one-liter Borosilicate glass bottle is perfect for filtration media and buffer solutions as well as for the storage of cannabis extracts. With excellent thermal shock resistance, our bottles can go from hot to cold without breaking. Our media bottles are available in a case of 20 bottles and come with wide mouths to allow for easier access to the product. They also feature an easy screw-top design that helps keep your contents airtight and odor-proof.

At EcoGreen Industries, we know that the cannabis extraction process takes precision and care. You need the right equipment to make sure the process goes smoothly. That’s why we bring you everything you need to set up your perfect cannabis extraction lab. We offer a wide range of products for all your applications in the lab, such as production, distillation, and purification. With our clear bottles, you can be sure that your extracted substances are stored safely and securely.

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Whether you need clear bottles for mixing, storing, or transporting culture or filter media, chemicals, or solvents, or you want the added protection that media bottles with phenolic caps offer, we have you covered. With bottle volumes of up to 1000mL, you’re sure to find the perfect size for your cannabis extraction applications. Our bottles are manufactured for maximum durability and heat resistance, and they come in a convenient case of 20.

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