• Fits all generations of the CMEP-OL pumps
• 35% increase in fitting opening for better flow
• Eliminates restriction points on both the inlet and outlet lines
• Helps to reduces pump output temperatures by up to 15% on some systems

EGI High-Flow Kit (fits all generation CMEP-OL pumps)




The EGI High-Flow kit eliminates the restrictive factory ball valves that only have a .200” opening on both the inlet and outlet lines. The new EGI High-Flow hoses have an opening of .270”, which is a 35% increase for better flow and help lower temperatures. Any time a gas must compress through a smaller opening there is chance for that restriction to cause heat. The EGI High-Flow kit helps to alleviate this issue.

Comes with a written direction sheet with pictures to reference each of the steps needed to install properly.

Kit includes the following:

  • custom outlet hose (long)
  • custom inlet hose (short)
  • hose retaining loops
  • allen head bolt
  • retaining nut
  • direction sheet with pictures to go with the step by step instructions

***(2) 3/8” ball valves, optional***

*You can purchase the EGI 3/8” ball valves separately or as an option on this page when buying the High-Flow kit if you need to have ball valves at the compressor. EGI 3/8” ball valves have a .270” opening.

*Because of the small differences in the hard-line lengths used in the different generations, the NPT end of the hoses, after install, may not line up with each other just perfect. This only affects the visual look after install. As an option during installation, the outlet hard-line can be trimmed so that the ends of the High-Flow hoses match to make it look better cosmetically.

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