The CMEP-710 Pro with 5HP motor is the butane recovery pump you need for professional extraction. It provides the power to quickly recover hydrocarbon solvents from cannabis extraction and operates quietly and efficiently while doing so.

CMEP-710 Pro- w/ 5HP Motor


When it comes to large-scale cannabis extraction, you need a hydrocarbon solvent recovery pump to ensure minimal waste of butane, propane, isobutane, and other blends used in the process.

CMEP-710 Cut Sheet

CMEP-710 Operation Manual

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High-Performance and Reliable Recovery Pump

The CMEP-710 explosion-proof recovery pump is fast, durable, and provides an impressive 350L/H butane flow rate, making it the perfect butane recovery pump for cannabis extractors. It delivers butane from a pressurized vessel to the butane storage tank at rates up to 30 times faster than a gravity-fed pump, ensuring that your butane production process is as efficient as possible, so you can maximize profits.

The CMEP-710 Pro BHO recovery pump is specially designed and engineered for large-scale cannabis extractors. It has a water-jacketed cooling system on all moving parts, including cylinders, cylinder heads, and input/driveshaft, to remove heat and decrease wear and tear. This recovery pump also comes with reliable magnetic fluid sealing technology on the driveshaft to prevent leakage of butane vapor under high backpressure.

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EcoGreen Industries is committed to helping our customers make the cannabis extraction process as safe and cost-effective as possible. Recovering hydrocarbon solvents can be a complex process, but it doesn’t have to be. That’s why we offer premium-quality butane recovery pumps that allow you to get the job done with ease. Have questions about the CMEP-710 Pro, or any of our other products? Reach out to our team to speak to an expert and enjoy the red-carpet customer service that sets us apart.

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