This custom blend is Extraction Grade, clean, colorless, and odorless, so you can rest assured that your end product is free of impurities and contaminants. All our gases are tested to the highest quality standards to ensure you only get ultra-high purity products.

70/30I Custom Blend


Blended hydrocarbon gases are an effective option for large or small-scale cannabis extraction facilities without compromising on efficiency or safety. At EcoGreen Industries, we bring you the best Extraction Grade 70/30I Isobutane-Propane custom blend for your extraction needs.

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High-Quality Hydrocarbon Extraction Blends

As a leading supplier of cannabis extraction products and equipment, EcoGreen Industries is committed to providing our customers with high-purity extraction blends you can rely on. Our 70/30I custom blend gas is available in both LPG-100 or LPG-20 for your convenience. By mixing isobutane with propane at a 70/30 ratio, we create an Extraction Grade Isobutane-Propane blend that is ideal for your large or small-scale cannabis and hemp extraction facility. We operate from a one-of-a-kind facility where products are stored in vaults for added safety.


  • 70% Isobutane 30% Propane Blend
  • Up to 99.95% Ultra High Purity
  • Liquid solvent net weight is 110lbs/50kg for LP-100 and 22lbs/10kg for LP-20
  • Our product is clean, colorless, non-odorized, and free of any hydrogen sulfide-based ethyl mercaptan odorants

Your Trusted Cannabis Extraction Partner

We’re the trusted name in hydrocarbon gas production among cannabis processors across North America. Whether your processing needs include butane or propane, we offer bulk supply as well as exchange and fill services. EcoGreen Industries has been in business since 2013 and provides excellent customer service to ensure your success. Whether this is your first-time purchase or you need a refill or exchange, we’re here to help you.

Order your Isobutane-Propane custom blend and enjoy the most competitive pricing and the lowest shipping rates around. Call our experts to get a freight quote now.


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