Liquid-Cooled Condenser Kit for Gen 1 & 2


Improve your solvent recovery process by retrofitting the CMEP-OL with our EGI Liquid-Cooled Condenser (LCC).

HOW DO I  BENEFIT?  When properly installed, you will experience an improved recovery rate, reduced noise pollution, longer compressor life expectancy, reduced internal head pressure, lower back pressure, decreased stress on internal components, fewer hoses, fewer connections.

Call us at (530) 378-4443 for details on how we can convert your CMEP-OL for YOU in our factory-trained service department.

For additional information on The LCC operation, be sure to view our Recommendations For Recirculating Coolant” listed in the product description below.


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KIT CONTENTS1-EGI Liquid-cooled condenser coil-in-box (custom built for CMEP-OL),  1-pair of compression fittings,  1-PTFE lined stainless steel braided hose with threaded compression ends,  4-bolts,  4-washers, 4-nuts. The LCC condenser box hose connections are 1/4″ FNPT in size.

TESTED and APPROVED:  Please keep in mind that every liquid-cooled condenser (LCC) is pressure tested on-location to ensure that it holds up to 150 PSI without leaking.

As a “THANK YOU“ to you for choosing EcoGreen Industries, we have included 2 FREE barbed 1/4″ MNPT 304 stainless steel hose fittings!


Recommendations For Recirculating Coolant

On a limited budget? Use ice (or dry ice) and water as your coolant. For recirculating your liquid through the LLC, we recommend that at a minimum you use a basic pond or waterfall pump that circulates a minimum of 200 gallons of liquid per hour.

Got a bigger budget?  We recommend that you use a recirculating chiller with a minimum cooling power of 500 watts (.5 kilowatts) for each CMEP-OL in operation.  Use a recirculating chiller that has a increased cooling power when using multiple CMEP-OL’s.  When striving for those really cold temperatures, we recommend using Dylanene HC-50 (-150F freezing point), ethylene glycol (-80F freezing point), or propylene glycol (-50F freezing point) as your coolant.

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