• Almost 1 CFM larger displacement than other conversions on the market.
  • Removes choke points in the vapor flow path that other conversions leave.
  • Uses less energy than two single compressors.
  • “Case Pressure Return Line” or “CPR” Line relieves excess vapor pressure from inside the case of the pump and returns it into the input line via a 1psi pressure check valve.
  • Uses the same internal parts as the CMEP-OL, reducing costs to the customer.
  • The “All sealed design” of the CMEP-OL is maintained.
  • Retains a lower operational noise level just like the original CMEP-OL.
  • The custom shaft and conversion plate can still be used on a single pump compressor if for any reason it was needed.
  • “New” Non-Toxic extreme temperature grease with WS2 additive has a very low coefficient of friction and an extremely high drop point temperature, which means longer run times and a higher grease separation temperature than what the compressor operates at. This is used in all crank bearings for extended life now at EcoGreen.

EGI Dual Pump Conversion Kit, for CMEP-OL pumps



EcoGreen Industries would like to introduce the new EGI Dual Pump Conversion for the CMEP-OL compressor. While developing the EGI Dual Pump Conversion kit, we talked to our customers and listened to their needs. We used actual customers for testing and feedback, not perfect environments, and not ideal conditions. Together, with their feedback, we developed this kit and made a couple improvements for flow and reliability. It doubles the size to 2.5 CFM, features an all-sealed design like the CMEP-OL, and adds a pressure return line with check valve to relieve internal case pressure. The EGI Dual Pump Conversion kit uses all common pump assembly parts from the CMEP-OL, and no specialty tools are required. It also retains the quieter operation of the original CMEP-OL compressor. Increased reliability comes from the all-new non-toxic Tungsten Disulfide grease used in the crank bearings. Included also is the EGI High-Flow Kit. This helps to keep output temps down a little and increase flow to help maximize the pumps potential.