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Pump FAQ's

Why did my CMEP-OL arrive without an electrical plug?

To meet the criteria of “explosion-proof,” our CMEP-OL pump is able to contain any explosion originating within its housing. This prevents sparks from within its housing from igniting vapors, gases, dust, or fibers in the air surrounding it. The CMEP-OL also meets international explosion-proof standards as it is additionally designed to be hard-wired into your power system to avoid any possible spark created when plugging-in and unplugging it. Please note that the blue wire is the ground wire, the black wire is the hot wire, and the brown or purple wire is your neutral wire.

How often should I perform maintenance to my pump?

The CMEP-OL manufacturer recommends periodic top-end rebuilds. This process involves cleaning the cylinder heads, replacing the pistons and various gaskets, and performing a few more minor procedures (when required). Please see the owner’s manual for specific details.

Our recommendation is that you install a new rebuild kit within every 200 hours of proper use. If you begin to notice that your recovery rate is decreasing before reaching the 200-hour mark, this is an indication that you may need to install the rebuild kit a bit sooner. Please see our video for guidance on how to perform the rebuild kit installation.

I believe that my pump is covered under the manufacturer’s warranty. Will EcoGreen Industries pay for the shipping costs related to return the pump for servicing?

The customer covers all of the related shipping costs when sending a pump to and from our location. If it is determined that the pump failure was covered under the manufacturer’s warranty, we will cover the cost of labor and parts.

I hear a screeching or squealing sound when running my pump. What does this mean?

Most likely your bearings are no longer operating properly and have degraded. WARNING: This operational failure may have added pump materials to your system. We recommend that you stop your unit immediately, and contact us about servicing your CMEP-OL pump.

Why is my pump running normally, but not building any pressure?

The two most common reasons for this operational condition is due to a damaged cylinder or head intake valve. Another common reason is that the pressure test is not being performed according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. Please see the owner’s manual for how to properly test the pump’s ability to hold pressure (located under the “Gas Leakage Inspection” section), and then contact us if you still have any questions regarding this.

How do I clean my CMEP-OL?

For disassembled parts, use denatured alcohol and a clean cotton towel to wipe off dirt and any grimy residues that you may see. For pumps that are still hooked up to a system, complete a dry run using one of the recommended solvents.

What solvents are the CMEP-OL designed to be used with?

The CMEP-OL is specifically designed to be used with N-butane (R600), Isobutane (R600a), Propane (R290), and any combination of these.

Do you offer classes or instructions on how to repair the CMEP-OL pump?

We do provide an instructional video on how to perform a top-end rebuild procedure, but we currently do not offer any instructional classes or on-location training. This instructional video can be accessed by clicking here. If you have further questions regarding this pump, you can submit your questions here.

Where can I submit my warranty card?

In order for your warranty to become active, you must first submit your warranty card to: Please make note that you are submitting your warranty card directly to the CMEP-OL manufacturer and not to EcoGreen Industries, LLC.

Who do I contact for submitting service requests and for answers to my repair questions?

You can contact us via email or by calling us directly at 530-378-4443 during our business hours.

Do I need to Authorize pump repairs?

The average cost to repair your pump is likely to be between $800-1000. We always make the best attempts to contact you, our customer. However, if we receive your pump with incorrect contact information, this will not preclude us from repairing your pump.

Are there specific instances that occur which void the limited warranty?

The most common situations that occur which void the limited warranty is when material is sucked into the pump, when periodic rebuilds are not performed (150-200 hours of use), when the pump experiences sudden pressure spikes, and when more than just the top-end rebuild maintenance procedure is performed.

This limited warranty is also voided when:

  • the product or product part is broken by accident, is misused, tampered with or used with any accessories that are not manufactured by CM but furnished with CM products.
  • is used for recovering any substance other than the specific refrigerant type, is not purchased from EcoGreen Industries LLC, and has not completed the warranty registration.

What does the manufacturer’s limited warranty cover?

As of March 2017, customers who purchased the CMEP-OL from EcoGreen Industries LLC and have submitted their warranty registration directly to the manufacturer will be in accordance with the one-year warranty policy.

The CMEP-OL is warranted to be free from defects in workmanship, materials, and components for a period of one year from date of purchase. Please note that some parts are not covered by this limited warranty and will need to be replaced when worn. These parts that are not covered are the bearings, piston rings, shaft seals, cylinder head suction and discharge valves, and casters.

The limited warranty is only for the original buyer who completes the warranty registration and purchases the machine from EcoGreen Industries LLC.

The manufacturer shall not be responsible for any additional cost associated with product failure including, but not limited to, loss of work time, loss of refrigerant, and unauthorized shipping or labor charges.

All warranty service claims must be made within the specified warranty period. Proof-of-purchase date must be supplied to EcoGreen Industries LLC.

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PLEASE NOTE THAT WHEN YOU SHIP YOUR CMEP-OL TO US, WE CONSIDER YOUR ACTION OUR AUTHORIZATION TO MAKE THE NECESSARY REPAIRS. The average cost to repair your pump is likely to be between $800-1000. We always make the best attempts to contact you, our customer. However, if we receive your pump with incorrect contact information, this will not preclude us from repairing your pump.